The Practice Perfect Approach

The Triple Helix Explained

Mastering Skills

People skills are increasingly seen as the gold standard for successful career development. Practice Perfect guarantees to launch your skills to another dimension.

  • You will finesse your capacity as an effective practitioner
  • You will gain hours of face-to-face client work
  • You will receive individual case supervision
  • You will participate in group supervision
  • You will discover your preferred client-type

Evolution of the Self

Professional development isn’t possible without personal development. Practice Perfect both leads you and walks with you on what we promise will be a life-changing and personally affirming journey.

  • You will find out who you are in group therapy
  • You will work on a family of origin portfolio to help you gain insights into the “you of you”
  • You will have one-on-one consultations throughout the program to monitor and align your development
  • You will be able to work on issues that arise as a result of doing the Practice-Perfect year

Wealthy Mind, Healthy Practice

Your professional development is not complete unless you have worked out your relationship with money and developed some skills in financial hygiene.

  • You will be assisted to understand any blocks to financial freedom
  • You will be coached through the fundamentals of running a business
  • Financial sustainability will be embedded into your future
  • Profitability will be discussed and factored into your business-making decisions