Ryan Richards

“Thank you for your wisdom, example and guidance”

Penny Lens

“Have enjoyed and appreciated having (Guy) who has been sensitive and in-tune with members of the group but at the same time being in control of the group and moving it along when needed”

Leah Thompson

“I enjoyed the workshop and would like to see more demonstrations by Guy”

Ash Pahil

“I have enjoyed Guy’s teaching and presenting style. Thank you!”

Elianne Bhat

“Guys experience and use of case studies and examples was very helpful”

Kathryn Joy

“My experience of the workshop was that it was great! It clarified a lot of things for me – the main points and workings of the various theories and how each would work in an actual clinical setting”

Leslie Joy

“I feel excited and nervous about this career. I want to work on areas of my life”

Alex Hems

“I’ve learnt how to meet my needs, become comfortable with certain emotions, like anger, and develop self-care practices”

Dana Morris

“This has built a platform for future learning”

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